Beautiful Character Driven Art
War Tourist 686 112 Lisa Rae Hansen

War Tourist

So, back in December I entered a competition Toycon UK ran to win the chance to design and create a one-off custom of a giant War Tourist, a collaboration by…

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MegaSeth Worldwide Release 1024 766 Lisa Rae Hansen

MegaSeth Worldwide Release

 MEGASETH RELEASED WORLDWIDEAfter MegaSeth was officially launched at Toycon UK we are very proud to announce that he is now available to buy worldwidefrom www.fugime.bigcartel.com Back where it all began….. The…

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Sneaky Snowball 1024 766 Lisa Rae Hansen

Sneaky Snowball

So it’s the 1st of December, the first day of Advent and the Sneaky Snowball opening is all over.  The opening last night was a huge success and I am…

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Bones 1024 766 Lisa Rae Hansen


“Bones” is my piece for Project QiQi.    Chris Alexander of Creo Design is showcasing around 35 international artists interpretations of Ziqi Wu’s original toy at ToyconUK next year in…

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For those about to rock….. 724 1024 Lisa Rae Hansen

For those about to rock…..

We salute you!

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Monskey 800 533 Lisa Rae Hansen


Just wanted to share a photo from Monskey HongKong.  The goofy looking “Sidekick” on the far right is my design!  Monskey HK are producing these toy speakers which are amongst…

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Art For A Cure 150 150 Lisa Rae Hansen

Art For A Cure

I was invited to take part in the Mattia 2012 Series, a custom series of PigQee’s donated by Toy2R to be customised to raise money for research and raise awarenes…

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Episode One: Flash Back 1999 150 150 Lisa Rae Hansen

Episode One: Flash Back 1999

I am on my annual holiday in Canada with our family over here and in somewhat of a reflective mood. Being so new to the designer toy scene I feel…

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Complementary Opposites 150 150 Lisa Rae Hansen

Complementary Opposites

“Yin And Yang”“All things in the universe have both a yin and yang aspect, each side of the coin required to sustain the other: light cannot exist without darkness, heat…

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QiQi 150 150 Lisa Rae Hansen


I am very lucky to be one of 50 artists who’ve been asked to customise an exclusive DIY of the wonderfull QiQi figure from Ziqi and Creo Design.  This is…

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